Rice University Veterinary Game

Center for Technology in Teaching and Learning
'MedMyst Reloaded' Animal Alert - Veterinary Track

This game is part of the MedMyst Reloaded series of Web Adventures, free online educational games produced for Rice University.

Rice University - MedMyst Reloaded

Bouncing Pixel worked closely with researchers at Rice's Center for Technology in Teaching and Learning to create games with two primary educational goals; to increase students' science and health knowledge and to inspire those students to pursue science related careers.

Rice University - MedMyst Reloaded

When playing Web Adventure games, students engage in virtual labs, data analysis, and problem solving. The acquired science knowledge is applied and and skills are processed to solve the case or mystery presented in the game

Rice University - MedMyst Reloaded

Projects are funded by grants from the National Institute of Health and National Science Foundation. The games are fully aligned to National Science Content Standards.