Brilliant Energy TV Commercial

3D Animated Commercial Featuring the PetLovers Energy Plan

Brilliant Energy is a Houston-based retail electricity provider that has served Texans since 2007. After we created their company mascots, The Professor and Beep, the natural progression was to put them to work in a commercial. As a proud sponsor of ABC 13’s Pick Your Pet program, Brilliant Energy wanted to promote their PetLovers energy plan, designed to help feed animals in shelters around Houston. What better way to go than to feature their loyal mascot, Beep, as the star of the commercial?

Using the script given to us by the client, we recorded the audio and got to work on a concept. Once the storyboards were approved, our animation team started bringing the graphics to life.

Brilliant Energy Animation Pipeline

Brilliant Energy Animation Pipeline

As our team progresses through the animation pipeline, full-color renderings are made to establish the style, color palette, and mood for the visuals. 3D modeling happens next as the stageset is prepared for texturing and lighting.

Brilliant Energy Animation Pipeline

In a little over a month, Bouncing Pixel created a 15-second, animated television commercial that highlighted Brilliant Energy’s commitment to the PetLover community.