Discovery Green

Responsive Website Design and Development

Discovery Green Website: Mobile Layout

Mobile Phone Layout

Custom-designed and built from scratch with the responsive web design approach, the Discovery Green website provides optimal user experience across a wide range of desktop and mobile devices. A visual navigation structure was created to let site visitors make their way through the site by browsing through rich photography and easy-to-read headlines.

Discovery Green Website: Tablet Layout

Tablet Layout

Layouts for mobile devices, such as iPhones and iPads, streamline the content by eliminating copy and navigation options that are not ideal for small screens or limited bandwidth. As display width grows, more and more content is revealed.

Discovery Green Website: Desktop Layout

Desktop Layout

A custom-developed content management system was created to meet the exact needs of Discovery Green's busy team. With these tools, they can add/edit/delete content in real-time, create new pages, sequence the content on the responsive walls, alert the public to event cancellations, and manage virtually every aspect of the website.