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In 2009, Bouncing Pixel was created to change the way Jerald and Jackson worked. At their previous companies, they were slowly caught up in managing projects and the daily grind of running their businesses. Work stopped being fun. It was time for a new beginning, one where they would not only land the projects, but also...
produce the work.
Jerald Reichstein
Jerald Reichstein
a.k.a. Jack of All Trades
Jackson Lau
Jackson Lau
a.k.a. The Workaholic
VP / Animation Director
The team. The talent. The lineup.
Angel Lee

Born in Alaska and raised in South Korea, Angel Lee studied Art and Zoology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She worked in marketing for a company in Chicago before finally making her way to Houston with her fiancé. Once here, she immediately fell in love with and adopted Jackson—her puppy, not her boss.

She fed her love for art by sketching at local coffee shops and creating character designs of other patrons—in a completely non-creepy way—but Angel always intended to make a career out of her passion. Her interest in design and animation, along with her boundless energy and enthusiasm, led her to Bouncing Pixel where she serves as artist and the studio's self-appointed, one-woman Party Planning Committee.

Angel likes to spend her weekends with her fiancé, whether it’s scavenging for books and knickknacks at a Half Price Books store, or supervising while he plays video games, yelling at him to "recharge health!" She keeps the rest of us entertained with references and memes from her favorite TV Shows, and stories about Jackson—her puppy, not her boss.

Allison Kim

Allison Kim grew up in Busan, South Korea where she fell in love with beaches and art at an early age. She pursued her love for the latter all the way to a fine arts degree specializing in Korean Painting.

The love didn't stop there. By the time Allison came to Bouncing Pixel, she had an extensive background in drawing, painting, and sculpting, along with theoretical and practical works in color, materials and media. Before moving to Texas, she was the lead environmental concept artist for a game development studio in Seoul, on their biggest project to date, Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of The Second. After taking one look at her portfolio, Jerald and Jackson had to make her part of the team.

Allison finds time for interests outside of art, including badminton, yoga, and floral design. She enjoys exploring the city of Houston in her car, which she affectionately named Boung Boung, after her favorite childhood cartoon (whose source of power comes from the smell of flowers!).

Treyvion Johnson

It would be an understatement to call Treyvion Arte Johnson a gamer. He spent most of his childhood playing video games like Ragnarok Online, World of Warcraft, and Final Fantasy 11 (to name a few), and always dreamed of becoming a game developer. Even the music he enjoyed just happened to be the soundtracks from his favorite games.

When Trey got to college, his interests drew more toward web development, because the problem-solving aspect reminded him of playing his old video games. He had a few internships as a software engineer, but never a full-time role. Trey was determined. After honing his skills for three years, he found his way to Bouncing Pixel and joined the team as a Software Developer.

In his free time, Trey plays video games, both old and new, and enjoys learning about the mechanics that go into them. He’s also a fan of chef Gordon Ramsey. When asked what he likes about the famous chef, he admitted it was mainly his infamous personality. We’ll admit that we’re all a little worried.

Anthony Ladin

Anthony Ladin is a native Houstonian with a true love for gaming. He knew he wanted to make video games since the age of three, and pursued that goal by getting a degree in Digital Gaming and Simulation Programming from Houston Community College.

He went on to achieve a second degree in Computer Science from the University of Houston, worked on nuclear and chemical regulation software in Pennsylvania, and eventually found his way to Bouncing Pixel in 2021 where he joined the team as a software developer.

When not spending free time with his wife, Nancy, and baby girl, Aria, Anthony indulges in his love competitive multiplayer video games, collaborative exploration-driven games, or anything with a “good ole story.” He also develops his own concepts for both board games and video games. We’re hoping to test-drive one of those board games at the next Bouncing Pixel Holiday Party!

Sam Klepper

Sam Klepper was born and raised in Houston, Texas and has always had a passion for technology, games and art. As a kid, you could find him collecting and reading Spider-Man comics, tinkering on the family computer,and creating his own characters and comics.

Initially, Sam pursued a path in Graphic Design from HCC, but soon found his passion for web development and programming. Not long after, Sam graduated from Digital Crafts coding bootcamp as a Full-Stack Web Developer in March of 2020. Since then, he has continued studying, freelancing and helping small businesses get online.

When not researching or building websites for fun, you can still find him reading and drawing Spider-Man, listening to and playing music, watching the Astros, reading sci-fi, and playing his favorite game, Zelda.