Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company

Website Design and Development for Houston's Most Creative Brewery

Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company is a new twist on an old craft. The brewery combines cutting-edge technology and technique with wildly sourced flavor, resulting in delicious brews that create new narratives for how people think about beer. Its mission is to offer beers that honor the pioneering history of Texas and celebrate the adventurous spirit of a city built on outlaws and innovation.

Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company - Splash Page
Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company - Home Page

With that in mind, Bouncing Pixel set out to build a website that reflects a spirit of independence and dedication to craft-- a passion we share with the brewery. While the design world seems focused on flat design and big photos, we take every opportunity to try something different. The result is an innovative website that combines the richness of color, communication in layers, and a high degree of functionality through a custom-designed content management system.

Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company - Concept Sketch 1 Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company - Concept Sketch 2

Our discovery process is one that builds on visual storytelling, problem seeking, and problem solving. Sometimes the best ideas aren't easy to translate into words, so we draw pictures instead. It's not unusual for us to state the project scope with Sharpie illustrations on a roll of tracing paper (like the one above), then turn those pictures into beautiful web experiences.

Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company - Team Page

Special thanks to Tim and Kara at Culture Pilot for the beautiful graphics they provided for this project.