Bouncing Pixel Office

We make things that are fun to play with.

We make things walk across your screen.

We make you want to click buttons.

Yes, we love what we do, but we know we're running a business-- one that has clients with businesses of their own. We take pride in our work and we treat all projects as if they are our own. Attention to detail and carefully produced results aren't things our clients need to ask for. Doing things this way is just part of who we are.

Web Design, Development, and Strategy

Jerald's experience designing and building websites goes back to the last century, literally. Kind of makes him sound old. Even so, the work that comes from his team is fresh and innovative. Design comes first, but not at the expense of function, and that function keeps getting more and more interesting. That innovative spirit combined with our in-house wizardry lets established clients engage their existing audiences and helps start-up ventures create new ones.

2D and 3D Computer Animation

Jackson grew Illusion Studio from a one-man operation into one of Houston's most successful animation studios. Riding on the success of his numerous Worldfest and AAF Houston ADDY awards, Jackson built Bouncing Pixel's team of outstanding animators, 3D modelers, character designers, and special effects wizards, and is continuing his award-winning ways. Our animation work can now be seen on television, in games, and in the presentations of some of world's largest companies.

Games and Mobile Apps

Instead of joining the exploding ranks of big budget game companies, many of our people began their careers as developers of games and apps for health, learning, and communication. We're combining our super powers to create engaging media and meaningful experiences for utility and fun. Recent work in this arena include products for banking, lead generation, the telecomm industry, mental health initiatives, and behavior change in kids.