"Punctuate This!" 2D Animated Shorts

Grammaropolis, dubbed the Schoolhouse Rock of the 21st Century, helps kids understand the often tricky rules of grammar using animated characters that represent different parts of speech, such as pronouns, adjectives, and the like.

Bouncing Pixel, having already created the Grammaropolis website and mobile apps, was no stranger to these characters and the company goals. This is why we were given this animation project for the latest release of Grammaropolis interactive content, introducing a whole new cast of characters in the animated musical, "Punctuate This!"

Grammaropolis - Punctuate This!

An equally important part of sentence structure, punctuation marks like the Comma and Colon take on a different personality according to the role they play in the sentence, in the "Punctuation Song" music video.

Grammaropolis - Punctuate This!

We created a two-minute video, using 11 different 2D animations, to go with the music and lyrics provided by Grammaropolis and Doctor Noize. The song goes over the importance of correct punctuation when constructing a sentence, and how to avoid the “tumble, mumble, jumble,” of words without them.

Grammaropolis - Punctuate This!