Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company
Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company has been a longtime client that not only shares our passion for creativity, but also our team’s love for a good beer. Bouncing Pixel has been a staple participant in the brewery's journey since it launched in 2011.

TicHelper - Online Program That Teaches Kids How to Manage Tics
A team of Houston psychologists wanted to develop a way to help children suffering from tics when professional help wasn't available. This led to the development of TicHelper, a web-based behavioral intervention designed to improve the lives of those children and their families.

Discovery Green - Super Bowl Live
The freeways aren’t the only place that had tons of traffic because of Super Bowl LI. Take a look at how we helped our client Discovery Green proactively manage the surplus of website visitors leading up to the big game.

Brilliant Energy
Brilliant Energy's thoughtful marketing initiatives have focused on customer service and love of animals. Bouncing Pixel had a key role in Brilliant's latest animal advocacy campaign with the client's first animated television commercial.

Bouncing Pixel's Midtown Houston Office
There’s a reason the Houston Business Journal named ours one of the “coolest offices” in the city. But it’s not just about contemporary buildings and trendy interior design at the Bouncing Pixel studio.

Concept Sketch for Children's Museum of Houston Website
Bouncing Pixel has a history of helping its clients create unique and engaging websites by understanding their brand and the message they want to get across. That’s precisely what we did for the Children’s Museum of Houston.

Hello World From Bouncing Pixel
We’ve been around for a while now, but haven’t really made a big fuss about it. In the midst of our office shenanigans, the Bouncing Pixel team has produced some quality work since its humble beginnings in 2009, but we haven’t taken the time to talk about that a lot.