3D Characters Light Up an Energy Client

Brilliant Energy has been serving Texans as a retail energy provider since 2007. Its thoughtful marketing initiatives have focused on customer service, competitive pricing, and love of animals. Bouncing Pixel had a key role in Brilliant's latest animal advocacy campaign with the client's first animated television commercial. The 15-second TV spot was created to promote the PetLovers Energy Plan, designed to support animal shelters in Houston.

The project began when we were asked to design an energetic mascot for use on the company's website. They wanted to build on the familiar image of a scientist exclaiming, “Brilliant!” when making an important discovery. Our design team and artists brainstormed ideas on what this “Professor” could look like. Should he have round or square-framed glasses? Should he be wearing a lab coat? The process involved asking a lot of questions and illustrating the answers, with constant client feedback being a big component.

Brilliant Energy Concept Drawings

The result of these brainstorming sessions was a series of character concepts for the client to choose from. Brilliant Energy's choice was the iconic laboratory professor that resembles Einstein. Building a digital version of this character came next. Throughout the process, our 3D team updated the client regularly with screenshots of our work, whether it was cloth simulation being added to the Professor's lab coat, or texture being applied to his hair.

The Brilliant Energy Professor

By the time the Professor's 3D character was completed, Brilliant was asking for a second mascot. Since the company is heavily involved in supporting and donating to animal shelters, they already knew they wanted their mascot to adopt a dog as his trusted companion. During this second character design phase Beep the Dog was born.

The Brilliant Energy Dog

Brilliant Energy introduced The Professor and Beep to the public with billboards, snow globes, bobble heads, shopping bags, and in various print media. The Professor and Beep became part of the company's pet-friendly, energy-efficient brand.