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In 2009, Bouncing Pixel was created to change the way Jerald and Jackson worked. At their previous companies, they were slowly caught up in managing projects and the daily grind of running their businesses. Work stopped being fun. It was time for a new beginning, one where they would not only land the projects, but also...
produce the work.
Jerald Reichstein
Jerald Reichstein
a.k.a. Jack of All Trades
Jackson Lau
Jackson Lau
a.k.a. The Workaholic
VP / Animation Director
The team. The talent. The lineup.

Matt Hall is a curiosity-driven developer. In his spare time, he can be found trying out new technologies, new development methods, and learning anything that sounds interesting. His mantra is don't build something because you can, build something because you don't know if you can.

Powered by a strong desire to develop software and video games, Matt graduated from University of Houston Clear Lake with a bachelor's in Computer Science to make his hobby a profession.

Matt came to Bouncing Pixel after working five years on various mobile, web, Windows, and OS X applications along with a few serious games. He has never given up on his dream of building video games and continues to annoy his friends with his "next idea".

Edward Lai started his computer animation career in Taipei, Taiwan as a keyframe animator and inbetweener. After finishing a four-minute stylized animated music video project, he enrolled at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco where he earned his Masters of Fine Arts degree. Inspired by the cinematic art in the movie Blade Runner, he decided to specialize in lighting and textures in computer graphics.

Edward is a dedicated artist who has worked his magic with our team even before Bouncing Pixel was a company. When not working, he uses his free time taking pictures and watching films in his desperate quest to understand how lighting really works. His co-workers point to light bulbs, show him electrical switches, and even gave him a flashlight. But, Edward will not be deterred. To this very day, he continues on his mission to unravel the mysteries of the universe.

Bill Burch is a mindful enthusiast of coffee, cycling, and meditation. He tends to get slightly emotional every time he sees Apollo mission footage (and Tom Hanks in a space capsule). Bill would gladly eat Vietnamese food six days a week. He generally chooses sushi on his day of rest.

Bill joined Bouncing Pixel after a mid-career change of professions, moving from the video production world to that of computer programming. He got to keep the headphones, though his continued need for them is questionable.

Though Bill claims that Steve Wozniak is one of his big heroes, his desktop background reminds everyone that Steve Jobs is the biggest. This is not entirely understood by his PC-loving co-workers. Above all, Bill embraces the words "think different."

Charlene Irani is a self-proclaimed expert at nothing, who firmly believes that you can put guacamole on anything. Anything. No arguments. A determined foodie, she is making her way through every burger joint in Houston, but is completely content in knowing there will always be a new place she hasn't yet tried.

Having never received her letter from Hogwarts, Charlene tried to find the best line of study throughout muggle school. Following a brief stint with Chemistry and a regrettable affair with Accounting, she turned her love of reading, writing, and correcting everyone's grammar into a Public Relations degree and an English minor from the University of Houston.

After cyberstalking Bouncing Pixel on Facebook, and copyediting the studio's website prior to her interview, it only made sense for Jerald and Jackson to take her on as the resident copywriter and social media manager. Since then she's been trying to keep up with all the talk of programming languages while championing the use of the Oxford comma.

Allison Kim grew up in Busan, South Korea where she fell in love with beaches and art at an early age. She pursued her love for the latter all the way to a fine arts degree specializing in Korean Painting.

The love didn't stop there. By the time Allison came to Bouncing Pixel, she had an extensive background in drawing, painting, and sculpting, along with theoretical and practical works in color, materials and media. Before moving to Texas, she was the lead environmental concept artist for a game development studio in Seoul, on their biggest project to date, Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of The Second. After taking one look at her portfolio, Jerald and Jackson had to make her part of the team.

Allison finds time for interests outside of art, including badminton, yoga, and floral design. She enjoys exploring the city of Houston in her car, which she affectionately named Boung Boung, after her favorite childhood cartoon (whose source of power comes from the smell of flowers!).