Bouncing Pixel Office

We're not your ordinary design studio.

We're a creative, problem-solving, detail-oriented group that came together to do great work.

Do you like the excitement of a start-up but want the stability of a company that has real clients?

We're interested in people who like challenges, creative projects, and learning about new ways of doing things.

Web and Interactive Developers

We're not currently hiring for this position. When the need arises, we look for people who like exploring innovative technologies and want to work on award-winning projects. Convince us that you're smart, motivated, and excited about the work we're doing and one of the seats we're keeping warm might just be yours. Our web projects cover a wide range of clients.

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Our web developer positions involve programming for both the client and the server. Most of our custom projects are created in PHP or Javascript (Node.js). Databases are generally MySQL, MSSQL, or MongoDB. A good grasp of the entire web stack is highly desired, as is experience using Git for version control. We're not ruling out entry level talent if you are motivated and enthusiastic.

If you have ambitions to explore your own start-up ideas, especially those that are web-related, we can provide you with right environment to do so. We're passionate about entrepreneurship and our founders are leaders in Houston's bootstrap entrepreneur community. We've hosted Houston Startup Weekend, judged at 3-Day Startup and the City of Houston Hackathon, and created popular meetups like GroundUP Houston and Animate Houston. We'll help you get your ideas off the ground and you'll get to keep the start-ups that you create.

Communications Designer

We're not currently hiring for this position. When the need arises, we look for solid front-end designers who understand the value of user experience and have HTML and CSS skills. Our work is very design driven and each of our projects is an original creation. The ideal candidate will have a solid understanding of web design and development principles as well as ability to write HTML and CSS.

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The job may require the candidate to juggle multiple projects and deadlines while maintaining great attention to detail. A strong passion for branding and visual storytelling is a plus, as are strong illustration and concept development skills. Entry-level talent will be considered.

Mentorships (students, recent graduates...)

Are you looking for your big break? We know how hard it is to get your foot in the door of a creative studio and maybe we can help. If you're motivated and have some cool work to show us, we want to hear from you and see your work.

Note: Mentorship requests via email only. Please, no phone calls.

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Our work is concentrated in three complimentary areas; computer animation, web development, and interactive media. Each market requires creative skills and technical expertise, bringing artists and programmers together to produce high-end work in a team environment.

Where do you fit in? Tell us what you're good at. Show us your work. If you're the right fit, we'll provide you with a place to learn though a mentorship in our office. You'll work on your own independent, self-guided projects. These are unpaid positions that might evolve into paid, full-time positions.

Introduce yourself, tell us your story, and include a resume. An online portfolio is required for us to review. Please don't attach work samples as email attachments. We want to see creativity and attention to detail. We won't consider you for an internship if you don't have anything to show us.

Tell us what motivates you and why you want to join our team. Don't forget to include a resume. Show us some of the work you've done. We're particularly interested in HTML, CSS, Node.js, PHP, ActionScript, Mobile Development, AJAX, JavaScript, and database work. We like people who are "big picture" thinkers and problem solvers, and those with thier own start-ups. You must be able to work well with others and communicate effectively.